Welcome to Health Hawk

The goal of Health Hawk is to help build healthy health systems … one voice at a time. To do this, each health system must carefully receive the information it needs, and use this information to help the people it serves to stay healthy and prevent and manage disease.

We have developed a new simple tool called V-HAWK. This is a short questionnaire that collects information about people’s health (virus related symptoms, COVID status, health related quality of life, long standing health conditions, treatments being used). This will provide accurate and timely information to help tackle COVID (and its aftermath) and prepare for any new crisis affecting people’s health.

Is ready to deploy
Is easy to implement
Is empowering for patients
Is designed to facilitate learning … fast!

This will enable us to:

  • Assess the incidence and prevalence of COVID-19 in the general population
  • Obtain information on treatments/ strategies being used
  • Assess the impact of COVID and treatments/ strategies being used on health and health-related quality of life

Complete V-HAWK

We invite you to complete V-HAWK (Virus-Health And Wellbeing checKer).


Once you have completed the V-HAWK (Virus-Health And Wellbeing checKer) you will be asked if you consent for us to contact you again. It is completely up to you whether you say yes or no.

If you say yes, then we will send you more information about how you can take part in trials of the most promising treatments to help people stay well and manage disease.

To see the V-HAWK Questionnaire click here.

For general information and instructions on how to use click here.

 Self-isolation survey

Our research team is also conducting a survey on self-isolation. If you are self-isolating, please take five minutes to fill out our survey on health behaviours and wellbeing. Click on the link below.