Health Practitioners

Everyday, every health practitioner gathers information about their patients. Sometimes this information is collected together and used to help improve patient care. The patient’s voice is rarely recorded.

Health Hawk helps all types of health practitioners and health providers collect and channel real-time health data from their patients/ clients/ users, and then use this information to improve the health services that they provide.

Don’t let your data collect dust! Let your patient’s voice be heard!

Use your data to help build healthier health systems… one patient voice at a time.

What next?

Register with Health Hawk
Once you are registered we can send you news, updates, and information about events and courses that you might be interested in.


Health Provider Platform
Once you are registered with Health Hawk, you can also join our Health Provider Platform. The current name for our platform is the ‘National Health Study’ but this is likely to change in the future to the ‘Patient Voice Programme’.

This online platform helps your patient’s voices be heard. Their voices will then help build healthier health systems.
To invite your patient onto the online platform:

  1. First, ask them for permission for their anonymised data to be used for research. If they say yes (and most patients do), then…
  2. You and your patient agree on the most appropriate data collection tool(s) to use. We have a number of tools which enable the patient voice to be heard. These are sometimes called Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS). Our growing range of PROMS on the platform currently includes: V-HAWK, MYMOP, Perceived Stress Scale and Diet Quality Questionnaire. You can also create your own tool/questionnaire/PROM.
  3. We currently recommend you invite your patient to complete the V-HAWK survey. This will enable the collection of much needed information on COVID/Influenza related symptoms, health-related quality of life, general health and treatments/medications being used.
  4. You (the practitioner) record whatever protocol/treatment/ advice you give.
  5. Patients are automatically prompted to complete any follow up surveys or questionnaires by email or SMS.
  6. The information that your patient provides is then anonymised (all personal information removed), aggregated and securely stored.
  7. Practitioners and Health Hawk researchers can then study the anonymised stored data in real-time. The results can be shared and this information used to help identify the most/least promising treatments and inform the design of future research.